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Friday's Desert Rain Frog News

08 Sep 15, 05:09:00
Desert Rain Frog
It’s a type of a rain frog but is found in the desert! Also known as South Africa or cape rain frog, the tiny desert rain frog spends most of its time under the sand and only emerges at night to feed. Photo: Arie van der Meijden. Its name, desert rain ...

24 Aug 16, 12:08:00
Angry Desert Rain Frog Squeaks With Displeasure
Man, it must really suck to be the little Desert rain frog in this video by Dean Boshoff, because the ornery little critter is so cute even his scream of displeasure sounds like a squeaky toy! (YouTube Link) Dean was clearly in awe of the squeaky little ...

26 Feb 13, 10:02:03
South African Herper's Desert Rain Frog Video Goes Viral
An obscure and endangered frog from South Africa that has been dubbed the world's cutest frog by the photographer who captured video of the amphibian squeaking while in defensive mode is now a rising star on YouTube. The video World's Cutest Frog shows ...

26 Aug 16, 08:08:12
Angry Desert Rain Frog Squeaks Like A Dog Toy
Seen here looking more like concept art for an alien movie than something that actually exists on earth, a desert rain frog lets photographer Dean Boshoff know that its not happy with his presence. And can you blame it? That frog didn't asked to be filmed ...

19 Jun 17, 05:06:35
Desert rain frog (Breviceps macrops)
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26 Jun 14, 01:06:04
Meet the desert rain frog, world's cutest amphibian
It’s possible you’ve seen the desert rain frog before; a video of the ridiculously endearing, squeaky-toy of a frog made the rounds last year and has garnered nearly 10 million views thus far. But for those of you who’ve never had the pleasure of ...

22 Aug 16, 02:08:15
This Is What It Sounds Like When You Make A Desert Rain Frog Very, Very Mad
Remember back in the 1990s when Budweiser had their hilarious ad campaign? No, not the one where men call each other to ask, “whassup?,” though that one was just as iconic. I’m referring to the ones that featured “talking frogs.” You know, the ...

22 Aug 16, 01:08:16
An Angry Desert Rain Frog Expresses His Displeasure With an An Adorable Squeaking Cry
In 2013, wildlife enthusiast and photographer Dean Boshoff captured absolutely adorable footage of a tiny defensive desert rain frog who was expressing his profound displeasure with a long cry, with a sound similar to the one that is emitted from a ...

30 Jun 15, 05:06:00
Desert Rain Frog: The World’s Cutest Amphibian
The desert rain frog, or Breviceps macrops, is a species of frog in the family Microhylidae and can only be found in its subtropical habitat of South Africa or Namibia. This adorable amphibian is popular for its unusual squeaking sound when alarmed ...

12 Jun 17, 05:06:00
This Is What It Sounds Like When You Make A Desert Rain Frog Very, Very Mad
But no one would ever expect that such a small frog would have such an attitude problem, not to mention a voice to match. The desert rain frog is extremely small, but it has a powerful voice that no one can ignore. Despite the high-pitched noises that are ...

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